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Bag: Saddle Horn Bag

Bag: Saddle Horn Bag

When out on the trail, it is convenient to have a few select items nearby and handy. Our saddle horn bag does just that. This bag slips over the tops of most saddle horns to provide you with ease of access to your gear when you need it. 


     Built of brown cordura material to withstand miles of use, the saddle bag features a 9" slip pocket & a 9" zippered pocket on the left side, as well as a pistol holster with snap closure and a velcro holster bear spray holster on the right. This bag slips over most saddle horns, and has a velcro strap that goes under the pommel. A 1" D ring on each side allows you to fasten down to a breast collar to secure the bag to your saddle. 

$125.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price
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