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Bedroll: Cowboy or Zippered

Bedroll: Cowboy or Zippered

SKU: 0007

Bedrolls will add a few degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag in the winter, can be used with just a blanket in the summer, and will keep your sleeping quarters neat and tidy. 


    Cowboy Bedroll- Our cowboy bedroll is a 7'x14' piece of 14 oz. Midwest material. When folded up, it is 42" wide by 7' long and weighs 15lbs. It has 7 closures that are a 1" welded D ring on one side and a 1" solid eye snap hook on the other.  The Cowboy is also available in a youth size. 

    Zippered Bedroll- Our zippered bedroll is made of 13 oz. Sunforger marine boat shrunk canvas. It is 39" wide by 80" long with a 30" zippered pillow pocket. The body has one full-legth zipper with a storm flap on the right side. 

$150.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price
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