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Wall Tent: 13 oz. Canvas

Wall Tent: 13 oz. Canvas

SKU: 0006

Our 13 oz. canvas wall tents are made of high quality sunforger marine boat shrunk canvas. Able to withstand rain and safe enough to cook in, this water and fire resistant material makes your tent fit for any wilderness adventure. 


    All of our wall tents are built with care and Montana weather in mind. We use flat felt seams, a locking stitch, and reinforce at wear spots to help the tent’s integrity.  All tent zippers are #10 YKK with an auto-lok tab and have a storm flap over the top. Eves are 3” wide with sewn in rope and 1” d rings approximately every 3’. Each tent has a 12” sod cloth with #4 rolled rim spur grommets approximately every 3’.  Tents are cut size with 5’ walls and an 8/12 pitch. Our canvas tents are built using 13oz sunforger marine boat shrunk canvas. This material option is flame resistant to help combat those pesky sparks and embers.

    Include: 9" galvanized tent stakes, rope tensioners, 200' polypropylene rope, drawstring tent bag, 1 door, 1 stove jack




    While all wall tents come equipped with one stove jack, there is the option to add a second stove jack, which can come in handy when heating larger tents and cooking for more people. You may also add an additional door, screen door, or screen window to allow in natural light and airflow. 

    Screen Door- $150.00

    Stove Jack- $100.00

    Window- $100

    To purchase one of these add-ons (you will be billed separately by the seller), please contact us at OR fill out the "Add a Note for Seller" section of your shopping cart page. 

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,350.00Sale Price
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