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Wall Tent Frame

Wall Tent Frame

An internal frame can make wall tent setup quick and easy! Our angles feature eyelet screws that not only aid in easy 1 person set up but also can be used for hanging your laterns, cooking utensils, ect. off of once your camp is set up. Simply purchase the angle kit appropriate for your tent size.  We will send along a notecard of a rough draft of 1" EMT conduit that you will need for your tent.


Note: All tents vary a bit so you will need to measure your tent to know exactly what lengths to cut your EMT conduit. 


    Angles are made of steel and fit 1" conduit.  Angle kits are sold by the number of recommended rafters for each size of tent. If you would like more less rafters, order a larger or smaller size. Angles are built based on a 120 degree angle and have eyelets that tighten down on each pipe. This makes it easier for one-person setup, and also allows for 4" adjustments. 


    Complete frames are avaiable to local customers only via pickup. Due to weight, complete tent frames are not shippable. Only the tent angles are available for shipping. If you are local, and wish to order a complete frame, please contact us.

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