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Hay Zox

Hay Zox

Are you tired of the mess and hassle of traditional hay bags and nets when you travel? Struggle with hay allergies? Meet the revolutionary addition i hay bag design, HAY ZOX! 

  • Product Details

    We embarked on a journey of designing a hay bag that was easy to use, clean, and allowed the horse to eat in a natural position. Hay Zox does just that. Simply fill with a full size bale of your choice and drawstring the bag shut. You can easily move your full bag around by slipping your  hands under the snap on cover and grasping the bale strings through the two feed holes. Toss your bag onto a pickup, in the trailer, or wherever. Hay Zox are built out of 1200 Denier Cordura giving it water shed off and durability properties to withstand the elements. Once you arrive at your destination simply place the bag in your stall/pen and remove the end strap, the snap on cover, cut your bale strings ad remove them. Your horse will enjoy a clean mess free feeding in a natural position of eating with their head down. if there is still hay left in the bag after feeding simply snap the cover and end strap back on to remove from the stall. A bonus is, if you have the snap cover on, you can have hay left in your bag sitting infront of your stall and you won't have to worry about feeding every passerby throughout the day! 

  • Size Specification

    18" Wide

    18" Tall

    52" Long


$98.00 Regular Price
$88.20Sale Price
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