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Tipi: Native

Tipi: Native

There is nothing better than seeing a tipi lit up on the skyline. The Native American Tipi offers a picture of pride, grace, history and heritage. If you are looking for a beautiful piece to add to your yard or the authentic experience of having a fire in a tradional tipi, we would be happy to build one for you that will stand up to the elements. 




    At MVC, we build 2 different types of tipis: the Souix and the Blackfoot.

    The Souix is our most popular with its simple 3 pole foundation setup, and is our most stable model with its tilted cone shape. 

    The Blackfoot has a 4 pole foundation, which makes it shorter and more oval, and has no gores in the smoke flaps. 


    Our tipis are available in 2 materials: the 11.5 oz. Midwest material and the 13 oz. Sunforger Marine Boat Shrunk Canvas. For our MT tipis, we recommend the Midwest material. The Midwest holds up longer in MT winds and better withstands snow load. There is a shrinkage possibility, but it is minimal. The Midwest is heavy, and takes a couple strong guys to lift in to place. 


    Due to shipping costs, we recommend the 13 oz. Sunforger to our out of state customers. Sunforger Marine Boat Shrunk Canvas is a pre-shrunk, pre-treated, fire-resistant material. While not as durable as the Midwest, if taken care of properly, this material will last many years. 


    Our tipis are reinforced with webbing on the top of the smoke flaps, and all the way around the bottom edge. We use leather for all of our lacing pin holes and smoke hole pockets. Stake down loops are 1" webbing placed about every 30".

    Include: tent stakes, and a drawstring tent bag

    Ask about our custom painting! Having your Tipi painted can potentially double the life of the canvas! 


    PLEASE NOTE: Native tipis do NOT come standard with a door flap or an inner liner (essential if having a fire inside your tipi). These items must be ordered seperately. To order, see our Native Tipi Add-ons. 


     Native tipis do not come standard with a door flap or inner liner. These items must be purchased separately. A door flap will give you privacy in your tipi, while a liner will allow for the proper draft in order to have a live fire in your tipi.


    12 ft.- $675

    14 ft.- $705.00

    16 ft.- $750.00

    18 ft.- $793.00

    20 ft.- $940.00

    Door- $60.00

    To add one of these options to your tipi (you will be billed separately by the seller), please contact us at OR fill out the "Add a Note to Seller" section of your shopping cart page. 

$985.00 Regular Price
$886.50Sale Price
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