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Wall Tent Fly (New Tent Order)

Wall Tent Fly (New Tent Order)

What does a tent fly add to your campsite? There are a coupel benefits to investing in a tent fly for your wall tent. First and foremost, a tent fly will allow for better snow shed off.  Our wall tent flies are built using 500 denier Nylon that is water resistant, giving it  a slicker surface to keep the snow from sticking to it.  This material is also fire resistant, which brings us to our next benefit of a fly: no matter how careful you are, sparks and embers coming out of your stove pipe and settling on your roof is inevitable. The fly acts as a buffer layer for your tent roof, leaving you with less holes to worry about letting in water drips or allowing heat loss. 


    Tent flies are constructed of water resistant, fire resistant Denier 500  Nylon. We build our flies custom to fit your specific tent,  with a rubber ring silicone stove jack with storm flap to line up with the jack on your tent. 1" D rings are placed in each peak and along the eves approximately every 3 feet for tie out. Your fly will extend approximately 18" past your wall tent eve to keep snow and water run-off away from your tent walls.

    Includes: 200' polypropylene rope, tensioners, and 9" glavanized tent stakes


    PLEASE NOTE. This product option is an add-on for a new tent order only. Please see our Wall Tent Ad-on: Tent Fly (for Existing Tents) to order a fly for a tent that you already own. 

    For custom size flies, please contact us with your measurements for an estimate.

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